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holiday shoes 28/07/2022

The Best Holiday Shoes For Women

With summer season quickly creeping up on us it’s important to make sure you want to ensure you have all of your holiday shoes sorted! If you find your fave sandals or sliders from last are a bit worse for wear, maybe its time treat yourself to a new pair… What Shoes Should I Wear On Holiday? When it comes to women’s holiday shoes, there are certain key features to look out for! For example, you may want comfy lightweight shoes that also keep your feet cool but also look... Read More

wedding guest accessories 14/07/2022

How to Match Your Accessories as a Summer Wedding Guest

With summer wedding season upon us, it can be overwhelming sorting your summer wedding guest outfits and accessories. For all weddings, the couple getting married are the focus of the wedding however for many wedding guests, their own outfit can be what they think about the most as it is certainly something everyone wants to get right! You want to make sure you’re prepared for your day full of love, celebrations, yummy food and lots of fizz, without any last minute stresses about what to wear. Lunar offers a range... Read More

Winter Shoes 29/11/2021

The Winter shoe trends to look out for

We are well into Winter now, meaning your summer shoes should be packed away and your winter shoes have returned! Whether it’s boots to give you a few extra inches and extra height or metallic shoes to be the centre stage, wearing the right footwear to go with your winter outfits is vitally important as this time of year. If you’re wanting to look stylish and be on top of all the new trends this season, but not sure where to start then don’t worry, here is the Lunar guide... Read More

camping footwear 17/11/2021

Our top 5 tips on shoes for camping

The Importance of Correct Footwear when Camping Wherever you’re camping, whether it’s at a festival, a pit stop mid hike, or with a group of outdoor enthusiasts it is essential to wear the correct footwear for the occasion. You’ve probably been on your feet all day so getting to sit down, relax and let your feet breath will require the perfect pair of camping shoes. Weather conditions may be wet and muddy, meaning your footwear should keep your feet both warm, dry, clean and provide some sort of ankle support! ... Read More


The Best Shoes To Wear When Gardening

It’s easy to throw on an old pair of shoes as your gardening shoes, however they usually tend not to be the most comfortable or easy to clean. Having a designated pair of gardening shoes that you can easily slip on on your way out to the garden is really important. From pottering around and bringing in the washing, to digging and planting, there are shoes for all tasks! There’s nothing worse than ruining your favourite pair of shoes because you’ve ended up getting carried away with the gardening. It’s... Read More

alessia weaved leather sandal 11/08/2021

Post Lockdown Outing – best shoes for a good time

Best shoes for a good time With people venturing out and about post lockdown it’s essential to make sure you have the perfect pair of going out shoes to step outside into the new normal. Shoes for every occasion – what to consider When it comes to picking the perfect pair of night out shoes there are a few things to consider. You’ll obviously need a stylish pair of shoes to add the perfect finishing touch to your going out outfit, but will you go for heels, flats or boots?... Read More

best shoes to wear to work 26/07/2021

Best Shoes To Wear At Work

Finding the right shoes for work can always be a struggle. It can be hard to come across a pair of shoes that are both professional and comfortable, and why should you have to compromise? Lunar’s collection of work shoes for women offer a range of work appropriate footwear in a variety of colours and styles. So whether you prefer a stylish flat or a comfortable heel, we’ve got it all. Unsure which style to go for? We’ve pulled together a guide for the best shoes to wear at work... Read More

lepoard print festival boots 25/06/2021

Festival Footwear Guide: What Shoes To Wear?

Festival Footwear Guide: What Shoes To Wear? When preparing for a festival it’s easy to get wrapped up with deciding which outfits to wear, how to style your hair, what jewellery to take… and you can sometimes forget one of the most important aspects – shoes! Shoes can make or break your experience, so it’s important to remember that comfort is key, but this doesn’t mean you need to compromise your style. Whether you go for a summery sandal, or go for the edgier option of biker style boots, Lunar... Read More

Our 10 Best Summer Shoes and Sandals for Women in 2021

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to make sure your feet are ready for the heat! Although you want your feet to look good, it’s even more important that they feel good – it’s hard to enjoy your day when your feet are torn to shreds. Lunar’s range of ladies summer shoes combine style and comfort to ensure your feet both look and feel fabulous. Whether it’s just a chilled day in the garden, everyday wear or you’re off for drinks in the sun with friends, Lunar’s range... Read More


Gift Giving This Christmas With Lunar

We know what you are thinking – it’s mid October, we haven’t even seen Halloween in yet and you’re ALREADY talking about the big C word… Christmas?! But in the retail world, it is never too early to start thinking about Christmas, and compiling together some of our fashion favourites for the festive season.  With just ten weeks to go until the big day, we always like to be super organised here at Lunar, and that means giving our customers a personal gift guide on what products are hot right... Read More