Beach worthy sandals

As the wedding season is well underway, many lucky couples are tying the knot overseas . Therefore, this is the perfect excuse to go out and get a new summer wardrobe and some new wedding sandals ready for those romantic beach weddings.

Wedding outfits can be difficult to choose, and even more difficult when it’s a beach wedding. Deciding on footwear is also just as difficult, choosing whether to go simple or ‘glitz and glam’ wedding sandals is your biggest decision!

You don’t want to get your toes too sandy either! That’s why we have created a great guide to help you decide on the perfect shoes for the perfect occasion .

As wedges are not the best for beach weather, due to the practicality of them, the best option is sandals. Wedges are not the best for stability on the sandy beaches, therefore, sandals give you the comfort and the stylish look whilst being practical on those sandy beaches.

‘Glitz and glam’

Adding some ‘glitz’ to your shoes will show off your feet to their best potential. The sun will reflect off them adding a bit more sparkle to your beach photos . The neutral colours can match with more or less any dress, making them the must have for your summer wardrobe!

wedding sandals

Take a look at these stunning toe post sandals.

Metallic glam

If you want to show off your outfit, then wearing metallic shoes can increase the amount of head turns you will receive (not enough to outshine the bride though!). The sun will reflect off your shoes, giving you an overall glow, perfect for the beach wedding season.

These Gemma Gladiator shoes add a little glamour to your outfit. With them being white it will help with the heat as they will reflect the sun. The gold metallic statement piece will also be easy to match with gold accessories, making these shoes more wearable for your summer wardrobe. Click here to view these sandals.

Go simplistic

Why not go with a more simplistic look, yet stylish as ever. Wearing flat simple sandals will put all the attention on your outfit, allowing your outfit take centre stage.

summer sandals

These Calla toe loop sandals will do just that, with a snake skin look this adds a little unique touch to your outfit! Take a look at these stylish sandals here.


If you are looking for the perfect sandals for the picture-perfect beach wedding, then take a look at our selection of fabulous sandals here .

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