The 3 most essential styles of shoe that every woman needs

Lunar has styles of shoes that suit every occasion, whether it be around the house, a party or walk in the park. Lunar has you covered! We have picked some essential styles of shoes which you need in your wardrobe.


Heeled sandals

We believe everyone should have a heeled sandal in their wardrobe. And what better shoe than this lovely lunar Corby multi heeled sandal. An eye catching heel which will not be missed, but for all the right reasons! Having a bright shoe will liven up any outfit, and this shoe will certainly do just that. Pair it with some jeans or a black dress.

Ankle boots

Heeled ankle boots are an essential piece for your wardrobe, and these Lunar Zoella heeled ankle boots are perfect. They are great to dress an outfit up or down. The two toned boot contrast each other well, and so perfect for any outfit. They are a great wear for the winter, and with the square toe, it is ideal.



Pumps are a must for day to day wear. Our pumps are designed for ultimate comfort yet don’t lack on the design. Our Lunar Rochester light weight pumps show that we produce great looking shoes in conjunction with ultimate comfort. These pumps have a cushioned active air insole for protection. This sleek design looks great with jeans, shorts or a summer dress.


Everyone loves slippers, and here at Lunar we haven’t left you without! We have a huge range of slippers and different designs. Our best seller is the Lunar Michelle ocelot slipper, the rubber sole provides longevity along with ultimate comfort. It comes in a selection of colours, perfect to match with your dressing gown!


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