3 ways to wear flat shoes

Not everyone likes to wear heals or wedges, and so flats are always a good fall back option for any occasion. You just have to get the right kind of shoes. That’s why we have come up with 3 trends this season helping you wear your flat shoes in style!


#1 Go for the classic

For any occasion the brogue or loafer is a safe option. They are always on trend with the latest seasons, if you are going smart, the they will add that touch of sophistication to your outfit. Yet if you want to go casual, they look great with a pair of jeans!

We would recommend our Lunar Verve Loafer, they add character to any outfit. The burgundy pair will make you stand out from the crowd. It is a modern twist on the penny loafer, so it is keeping up to date with all the latest trends, adding a little modern twist with the tassel and the patent strap.


#2 Go bold

People are always scared of going too bold, however, bold patterns are in trend. They add a little quirkiness to your outfit. The bold patterns which you will come to see more of this summer is the animal patterns, whether it be leopard or zebra, these patterns will be coming into fashion more and more.

We would suggest Lunar Trenton Leopard Print Pumps, they are a great way to dress up or down, wear with a black dress or casual with a pair of jeans and t-shirt. It will turn heads but for the right reasons!


#3 Go active

Wearing active wear for casual occasions, when you have no intension of doing any running is the latest trend, and one which will stay for this year!

Our Lunar Maverick Elasticated shoe are comfortable with great padding. A simple design yet one which will look great with any leisure outfit.


For more flat shoes, take a look here, where we have a great range of flat shoes to suit everyone.

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