Choosing the perfect pair of elegant shoes

It’s getting to that time of year where there are plenty of elegant parties and weddings to look forward as summer is only around the corner. So why not be prepared and take a look at our guide to choosing the perfect shoe for your special occasion? Whether it be a pair of kitten heeled shoes, or shoes with matching bag, Lunar shoes has you covered.

Firstly, the colour is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a pair of elegant shoes. There are two decisions when considering what colour to go for. Whether to choose the same as your outfit, or to go bold and choose a statement piece.

Once you have chosen the colour, it’s now time to decide what height you want your shoe to be, either a kitten heel or something a little higher. Many decide on how long the occasion is, whether it is a full day or just for the night, kitten heels are perfect for the comfort option.

The final thing to consider when buying shoes for a special occasion is whether you want your shoes with matching bag to accompany your outfit. Lunar shoes have many bags to match their shoes, making your outfit look more complete.

Ideas for the perfect day from Lunar shoes

The Laura Heel is part of the Lunar Elegance Range, comfortable and Stylish, it is perfect for any full day occasion. The heel and the Rhinestone Encrusted Fastener does not disappoint, Glitz and Glam are at the for front of this design.

Laura heel

Lunar sell shoes with matching bags, making the outfit look more complete. One of our best sellers for shoes with matching bag is the Lunar Sabrina Satin Slingback Court and bag.

Shoes with matching bag

These stunning sling-back court shoes are the perfect style to match your special occasion. With a matching bag, it will create an elegant look perfect for the summer.

For more elegant Lunar shoes, take a look here.


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