Brogues and Loafers are here to stay

Shoe trends come in and out of fashion, just like loafers and brogues have come into trend again this Spring. These two shoe trends are a big for spring 2017 and are planning on staying for a while.

Brogues and loafers were predominantly a men’s shoe. Yet the women’s fashion industry have claimed them for themselves. Loafers have previously been marketed to an older generation, but new styles mean they can look a little more fashionable and more modern.

Loafers first came into men’s fashion in 1936, originally named as the penny loafer. They were popular with women too, as women were buying men’s loafers to wear for themselves. So, 2 years later, loafers for women were created.

The difference between the two is minimal, while brogues have laces and loafers are a slip-on shoe, this is the only visual difference. Both types of shoes are mostly patent, allowing them to instantly look more formal and to be treated as a timeless classic.

Loafers and brogues are both stylish and comfortable, with a great classic look to smarten up any advert. Lunar shoes provide comfortable soles which will allow you to feel even more comfortable when walking in them. We have been working for 130 years on trying to create the most comfortable shoes that we can possibly design.

Lunar Shoes has the perfect pair

These Lunar Catrina Brogue shoe are great for formal wear and add a little quirk to your outfit. These brogues incorporate the classical design of the traditional brogue around the side and on the toe cap.


The Lunar Verve loafer can add more elegance to your outfit, these shoes have a modern twist on the classic penny loafer. As these are perfect for either work or leisure. They add sophistication to any outfit, to either dress up or down, they are a must have for your wardrobe.


The Lunar Nina Loafer will add a shimmer to any outfit, as these ladies gold shoes are perfect for the summer months. With this loafer design being transformed by adding two types of materials, it adds a different look which will get everyone talking about them.

ladies gold shoes

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