Stack it up with some ladies wedges this summer

The weather is starting to get a little warmer so why not pick up a pair of ladies wedges for the upcoming summer months.

There’s lots to love about a pair of ladies wedges. One of the main advantages is that wedges are often more comfortable in comparison to a traditional heel. This is due to the extra support on the bottom of the foot. Ladies wedges can be even more comfortable as there are plenty of heel heights to choose from.

There’s also lots of different styles to choose from. One of the most classic styles is just a simple brown weaved textile wedge that will go with everything in your wardrobe from jeans and t-shirt to a nice summer dress. These shoes are perfect for evenings when you’re on your holidays or just going for cocktails with the girls.

Ladies wedges | Lunar Shoes

Why not take a look at this pair here.

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Then why not pick up these metallic snake print wedges? This pale metallic shade is great for matching lighter summer outfits but as it still has a subtle pattern, it helps the shoes stand out a little bit more as they’re not as plain.

Ladies wedges | Lunar Shoes

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During the summer months, nautical trends usually come into fashion so why not pick up a nautical themed pair of wedges with white and navy stripes. Navy is a more gentle shade for the summer that goes with many outfits and always adds an expensive touch to any outfit.

Ladies wedges | Lunar Shoes

Take a look at these nautical themed wedges here.

If you really want your wedges to stand out this summer, then why not look for something more colourful that will help you to make a real fashion statement. Bright colours on shoes are a great way to experiment with colours if you usually stick to black or something a little safer.

Ladies wedges | Lunar Shoes

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Take a look at all these ladies wedges from Lunar Shoes to help create your summer wardrobe.



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