Our guide to help you decide whether to choose heels or wedges

Being a woman is difficult sometimes! We like to put our style before comfort, putting ourselves through pain just so we look as good as we possibly can. No matter what, women always feel better being that little taller, wearing either heels or wedges will achieve this. So, we have come up with a guide to help you make your decision process of choosing either heels or wedges that little easier.

If you are attending a more formal occasion, then heels are the perfect option. However, they do not have to be high to create a formal look. Any heel height adds a touch of glam to your outfit, making you look more elegant and sophisticated as they are seen as more graceful than wedges.

For a more casual look, wedges work perfectly. Especially for the summer season coming up, wedges complement either dresses or jeans great. They still let you to be that little taller, however, they allow you to be a little more casual with the look.

Understand how long you will be wearing them for. For most women, wedges tend to be more comfortable, therefore, if you will be wearing your shoes for a long period of time, then wedges would be a better option. They allow you to look elegant yet still being comfortable at the same time. Wedges are more comfortable and they give extra support for the wearer.

However, if you feel that wedges will not complement your look, and you believe that heels are your only option. We would recommend chunky heels, these show off the elegance like a heel, yet still allowing you to be that little bit more comfortable.

For choosing the perfect chucky heels, we would recommend the Lisia Heeled Sandal, this is the perfect height to allow you to distribute your weight evenly, similar to how you would with a wedged heel. The faux suede gives a luxurious look to the sandal with the heel height being both flattering yet wearable for long periods of time.

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