The Best Shoes To Wear When Gardening

It’s easy to throw on an old pair of shoes as your gardening shoes, however they usually tend not to be the most comfortable or easy to clean. Having a designated pair of gardening shoes that you can easily slip on on your way out to the garden is really important. From pottering around and bringing in the washing, to digging and planting, there are shoes for all tasks!

There’s nothing worse than ruining your favourite pair of shoes because you’ve ended up getting carried away with the gardening. It’s important to have a good quality pair of gardening shoes that you can slip on when tasks arise. Whether you’ve decided to start growing your own veg, or planning to landscape the garden, Lunar’s shoes can help you put your best gardening foot forward.

What You Need To Consider

Finding a good pair of gardening shoes can sometimes prove a challenge. You want to avoid having to fuss with laces and zips, making shoes that you can easily slip on and off the best option. The team at Lunar have pulled together a few things that you should consider when picking out your perfect pair of shoes for the garden:

The Garden Surface

Different shoes are better for different surfaces. Depending on the gardening task you have at hand, and the garden surface you’ll be working on, you’ll need to pick shoes that offer comfort and support for whatever task is at hand. If you’re working in mud or slippy grass you’ll need shoes that offer extra grip.

What Gardening Jobs Do You Have Planned and How Long Will They Take?

When deciding which gardening shoes to pick it’s beneficial to consider which gardening jobs you have planned and how long they will take. If you just have a few small gardening tasks to complete that won’t take long, you might not need to worry too much about it compared to bigger jobs that will take hours.

Lighter jobs won’t require your shoes to provide much protection and may not need to be waterproof, whereas for more hands-on gardening jobs you’ll need more robust and waterproof gardening shoes.

Avoiding Sore Feet and Injury 

You don’t want your gardening jobs to leave you with sore feet or even worse – injured! When picking your shoes for the garden you need good quality shoes that offer support and comfort for the duration. If your gardening includes more heavy work make sure you have shoes with a good grip and protection.

Our Best Gardening Shoes

Lunar offer a range of garden footwear to help you get on with your gardening without having to worry about your footwear. Whether you’re planting, weeding, or watering the plants our shoes have you covered: 


St Ives Leather Plimsoll

st ives leather plimsoll

The St Ives Leather Plimsoll are the perfect shoe for light gardening tasks in the sunnier summer months. Available in a wide range of colours these super comfortable and lightweight trainers are well suited to the less muddy jobs.

Queenie Leather Slip-On

queenie leather slip on

These slip on shoes are fab for pottering around the garden in the sunshine. The lightweight material will allow your feet to breathe whilst your watering or potting your plants.

Glee Elasticated Active Shoe

glee elasticated active shoe

The memory foam insole with perforated upper for air flow make these shoes great for a busy day in the garden, even during the sunnier months.

Kendal Two Buckle Slider

kendal two buckle slider

Comfy and fashionable the Kendal two buckle slider is the perfect slip on and off gardening shoe. Pop these by the door and you’re set for whatever gardening task crops up.


Sweden Mid-Calf Wellington

sweden mid calf wellington

These short wellies are perfect for wearing out and about in the garden when it’s wet and muddy. Light and colourful they provide protection without weighing your feet down.

Garden Wellington

garden wellington

This stunning floral Lunar branding is perfect for wearing out in the garden when you have muddier jobs at hand. 

Conifer Rubber Ankle Wellington

conifer rubber ankle wellington

Offering the waterproof protection of wellies without the restrictive height of the taller designs, the Conifer rubber ankle wellington is great when you have hours of gardening planned. They’ll keep your feet snug, supported and dry. 

Stream Wellington

stream wellington

One of our bestsellers the Stream wellington is both durable and lightweight 

3.5mm insulating neoprene lining which adds comfort and warmth to the boot, making it comfortable on even the coldest day – unlike a traditional wellington!

Ladies Footwear At Lunar Shoes

Whether it’s planting, digging, or general upkeep Lunar have a fantastic range of garden appropriate ladies footwear. Browse through our range today!


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