Shoe Trends

Winter Shoes 29/11/2021

The Winter shoe trends to look out for

We are well into Winter now, meaning your summer shoes should be packed away and your winter shoes have returned! Whether it’s boots to give you a few extra inches and extra height or metallic shoes to be the centre stage, wearing the right footwear to go with your winter outfits is vitally important as this time of year. If you’re wanting to look stylish and be on top of all the new trends this season, but not sure where to start then don’t worry, here is the Lunar guide... Read More

camping footwear 17/11/2021

Our top 5 tips on shoes for camping

The Importance of Correct Footwear when Camping Wherever you’re camping, whether it’s at a festival, a pit stop mid hike, or with a group of outdoor enthusiasts it is essential to wear the correct footwear for the occasion. You’ve probably been on your feet all day so getting to sit down, relax and let your feet breath will require the perfect pair of camping shoes. Weather conditions may be wet and muddy, meaning your footwear should keep your feet both warm, dry, clean and provide some sort of ankle support! ... Read More


Be prepared for Autumn

Unfortunately, summer is slowly coming to an end, and autumn is coming. So why not get prepared and buy your autumn boots today. We have some great boots which will also change to winter boots, so you will get more value for your money! The trends for this autumn are low key and simplistic outfits, this is great to allow all of the attention to focus on your shoes. And we have the perfect outfit/shoes for this occasion. The beaded detail on the heal is an unusual aspect to the... Read More

page shoes with matching bag 15/08/2017

Shoes with matching bag for those special occasions

As we are in full swing with summer, weddings and other special occasions are well underway. If you have not yet found the perfect accessories to go with your outfit, don’t worry. We have a selection of shoes with matching bag for any occasion.   Whatever colour or style your outfit is, we have you covered with our page range. All of our page shoes have matching bags. This range has 5 different colour options, allowing you to match your outfit with at least one colour! These shoes and bags... Read More

trenton 13/07/2017

3 ways to wear flat shoes

Not everyone likes to wear heals or wedges, and so flats are always a good fall back option for any occasion. You just have to get the right kind of shoes. That’s why we have come up with 3 trends this season helping you wear your flat shoes in style!   #1 Go for the classic For any occasion the brogue or loafer is a safe option. They are always on trend with the latest seasons, if you are going smart, the they will add that touch of sophistication to... Read More

Ladies blue shoes 26/06/2017

Keep in trend this season with ladies blue shoes

Every season a new colour trend comes into fashion, and as fashion is constantly changing to keep up with the ever changing fashion. The colours which are in trend this season are the blues and yellows, and we all know that ladies blue shoes are a must when it comes to choosing a pair.   Whatever the occasion, ladies blue shoes will suit any outfit. Whether it be a casual look or a smart and sophisticated occasion, you can always count on the colour blue to help you out. By... Read More

black sandals 05/06/2017

Moving away from black sandals

We love summer because we can experiment with bright colours. However, for some, black sandals are the ‘go to pair’ and won’t divert from this! Black sandals are the perfect option to go with any outfit, and to many they are a safe option. Therefore, we have some black sandals for you to experiment with, but with a little added twist.   Go Glitzy Some black sandals can be quite boring, however, these Nellie Glitz Mules are definitely not boring! They have a ‘glitzy’ upper decoration, however, they are still... Read More


Our guide to help you decide whether to choose heels or wedges

Being a woman is difficult sometimes! We like to put our style before comfort, putting ourselves through pain just so we look as good as we possibly can. No matter what, women always feel better being that little taller, wearing either heels or wedges will achieve this. So, we have come up with a guide to help you make your decision process of choosing either heels or wedges that little easier. If you are attending a more formal occasion, then heels are the perfect option. However, they do not have... Read More

loafers 20/03/2017

Brogues and Loafers are here to stay

Shoe trends come in and out of fashion, just like loafers and brogues have come into trend again this Spring. These two shoe trends are a big for spring 2017 and are planning on staying for a while. Brogues and loafers were predominantly a men’s shoe. Yet the women’s fashion industry have claimed them for themselves. Loafers have previously been marketed to an older generation, but new styles mean they can look a little more fashionable and more modern. Loafers first came into men’s fashion in 1936, originally named as the... Read More


Choosing the perfect pair of elegant shoes

It’s getting to that time of year where there are plenty of elegant parties and weddings to look forward as summer is only around the corner. So why not be prepared and take a look at our guide to choosing the perfect shoe for your special occasion? Whether it be a pair of kitten heeled shoes, or shoes with matching bag, Lunar shoes has you covered. Firstly, the colour is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a pair of elegant shoes. There are two decisions when considering what colour to go... Read More