Lunar sees another successful year at the Footwear Industry Awards

Ladies footwear brand

Another successful year for Lunar Shoes. As we are proud to announce that we have won ‘Fashion footwear brand of the year award’, which was presented by the Footwear Industry Awards. The awards took place on the 19th February 2017. Where all the top leading footwear brands came together to celebrate the passion each brand has for the shoes we design. The award focuses on independent retailers as well as global footwear brands. Showing we are at the top of our game in the ladies footwear brand.

This is a great achievement for Lunar shoes as it is the second year running we have won this award. This makes us a continuous contender for the fashion industry and Ladies footwear brand. This also shows Lunar Shoes are continuously improving and keeping up with customer desires and the latest trends.

‘Love shoes, love Lunar’ as our slogan says, it seems that our peers do too! As the awards are voted by our peers in the trade, making this award more special for us to have achieved. As it is a true independent recognition of our ability and achievement.

This award is special to us as it is a representation of our hard work we have put in. Creating and designing shoes that are comfortable and up to trend with the latest season and fashion. We believe that our customers are as passionate about shoes as we are. Therefore we strive to bring you unique seasonal designs, which has paid off as it is the second year running we have won this great award.

Who the awards were supported by?

The awards are supported by the British Footwear Association (BFA), Independent Footwear Retailers Association(IFRA), Society of Shoe Fitters(SSF) and Footwear Today. Making this a great award for us to have won, as such big fashion icons are supporting this great award.

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