How to Match Your Accessories as a Summer Wedding Guest

With summer wedding season upon us, it can be overwhelming sorting your summer wedding guest outfits and accessories. For all weddings, the couple getting married are the focus of the wedding however for many wedding guests, their own outfit can be what they think about the most as it is certainly something everyone wants to get right! You want to make sure you’re prepared for your day full of love, celebrations, yummy food and lots of fizz, without any last minute stresses about what to wear. Lunar offers a range of occasion shoes and matching bags to help make your spring or summer wedding outfit planning just that little bit easier. 

What Do You Need To Wear As A Wedding Guest In The Summer?   


Choosing what to wear as a wedding guest can be tricky because there are so many to choose from particularly with summer weddings often requiring certain outfit choices. Luckily for you though, there are a lot of different wedding dresses for guests that allow you to experiment with your outfit. Start your decision process by deciding what style, fit and colour scheme you’re wanting to go with, as this will help to narrow down your search. If it’s forecast to be sunny make sure to opt for something lightweight and breathable! If it is a casual summer wedding or a beach wedding, you may be more inclined to wear something less formal and more comfortable. People often have different wedding ideas which will incorporate a particular theme and therefore require wedding guest dresses to be aligned with this theme, so do bear that in mind if it is a themed wedding.


Make sure you’ve planned your outfit from head to toe! You’ll likely have a long day with a lot of standing (and maybe a bit of dancing!) so you want to ensure your shoes are comfortable and supportive as well as aesthetically pleasing. Whether it’s a dress, a playsuit or whatever outfit you’ve gone for a summer wedding, it’s vitally important that there are matching shoes. Wedding guest shoes can often be forgotten about as that may not appear as significant as the rest of out the outfit however it is important they the full look goes together. Choosing matching shoes and bags is a great way to tie an outfit together – but remember you don’t necessarily need to choose the fanciest and highest heels! 


Once your dress and shoes have been chosen, it’s time for accessories! From ladies handbags to jewellery you want to make sure your accessories complement your outfit and add the perfect finishing touch. 

When it comes to choosing accessories you want to make sure you pick items that compliment your dress and shoes. If you have a colourful or detailed dress and shoes you want to keep your accessories simple and let the dress speak for itself as otherwise it may be too visually overwhelming. 

However pairing a simple dress with more glitzy eye catching accessories is a great balance and the perfect way to add more detail and draw attention. A a smaller bag for a wedding tends to be appropriate and suitable, as long as you can fit all of your necessities inside.

Our range of wedding ready bags and clutch bags make the perfect addition to a variety of stunning bags from clutch bags to tote bags, why not take a look?

Tips On How To Match Accessories With Your Summer Wedding Guest Outfit

Colour Coordination 

Colour coordinating your wedding outfit is a great way to ensure it looks pulled together and avoid clashing colours. If wearing a multicoloured dress, matching your accessories to the non dominant colour is a great way to balance out and coordinate your outfit. 


As much as you want to look fabulous, you also want to make sure you feel it. There’s nothing worse than feeling restricted or having painful feet covered in blisters. Opting for a smaller or chunkier heel will be much more comfier throughout the day, meaning you’ll be able to focus on the celebrations without any distractions.

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