Keep in trend this season with ladies blue shoes

Every season a new colour trend comes into fashion, and as fashion is constantly changing to keep up with the ever changing fashion. The colours which are in trend this season are the blues and yellows, and we all know that ladies blue shoes are a must when it comes to choosing a pair.


Whatever the occasion, ladies blue shoes will suit any outfit. Whether it be a casual look or a smart and sophisticated occasion, you can always count on the colour blue to help you out. By wearing ladies blue shoes, it allows you to stand out yet not too much to make you feel uncomfortable.


However, if you still want to stay in trend with the seasons look, you can do it subtly, by having blue or yellow accessories. Blue shoes are the perfect way do this.

Our recomendations

For an everyday wear, we would suggest our best sellers; the Lunar Geneva low wedge shoe, the bright blue design will be an eye-catching piece of the outfit. These are part of our comfort range, therefore these blue ladies shoes will be great for everyday wear.


For the more sophisticated occasion, heels are more appropriate, therefore, a striking blue heel will allow you to keep ‘in trend’ yet in a subtler way. We would suggest the Lunar Corsica heel. Part of our elegance range, with the gems to add the perfect amount of ‘glitz’ enabling your shoes to take centre stage.


If you are going on holiday, then sandals are the perfect option. We have a new blue sandal available. These are the Lunar Temple flower sandal, these are ideal for summer with the flower design, and with them being blue, it is keeping in with the trend of summer.


If you wold like to view any more of our ladies blue shoes, or our full range, then click here.

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