Moving away from black sandals

We love summer because we can experiment with bright colours. However, for some, black sandals are the ‘go to pair’ and won’t divert from this! Black sandals are the perfect option to go with any outfit, and to many they are a safe option. Therefore, we have some black sandals for you to experiment with, but with a little added twist.


Go Glitzy

Some black sandals can be quite boring, however, these Nellie Glitz Mules are definitely not boring! They have a ‘glitzy’ upper decoration, however, they are still predominantly black for those who like to stick with what they know! They are ideal to go with any outfit, making them the perfect option for you.

black sandals

Go Colourful

Be brave and go for a little colour twisted into the black sandal. The black sandal is still the base, however, there is a splash of colour twisted into the front of it. This is perfect to get the ‘wow’ look from your friends and family! This Sky twist toe post sandal will go with more or less any outfit, yet our preference is to team it up with one of the colours from the sandal to get the perfect look.

Go high

If you want some sandals for a special occasion, then these Cally Wedge Sandal are ideal. They are just the right height to give you that extra lift, yet still comfortable for the wearer. The floral design on the front are perfect to add a bit of sparkle into your outfit.

These black sandals are perfect for those who feel comfortable wearing black, yet with an added twist on them, whether it be a splash of colour or sparkle. They are perfect for any occasion.


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