How much do we recognise shoes on a person?

Many think the first thing you notice on a person is their eyes, their body language or their hair. But actually, new research has shown that it is someone’s shoes which you will notice first. Women are more prone to this, and will judge men on their footwear more than a man will with a woman. According to the study 64% of women judge a man’s fashion sense based on their shoes. 52% of women say they judge a man’s personality based on their shoes and 36% say they judge a man’s financial status based on their shoes. Showing that shoes are not just something you can pass off.


A woman tends to judge the way a man’s footwear is matches the outfit. They will also notice how stylish, clean and expensive a pair of shoes look. Therefore, it shows how much shoes are important to you and other people who come in to contact with you. It holds your weight throughout the day, yet also it holds your image!


Judging personality?

Another study has shown that you can judge a person’s personality based on their shoes. It states that you can correctly guess a person’s age, gender, income, political affiliation, emotional and other important personality traits just by looking at someone’s shoes. Meaning, the shoes you wear are subconsciously linked to the way you act and your personality traits are perceived by others around you.


So paying attention to your footwear is possibly the most important thing to think about. By making sure your shoes match your demographics, personality traits and emotional status. Take a look at our full range of shoes. They are ideal for any occasion or event. Take a look here to view our full range of shoes.

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