Our top 5 tips on shoes for camping

The Importance of Correct Footwear when Camping

Wherever you’re camping, whether it’s at a festival, a pit stop mid hike, or with a group of outdoor enthusiasts it is essential to wear the correct footwear for the occasion. You’ve probably been on your feet all day so getting to sit down, relax and let your feet breath will require the perfect pair of camping shoes. Weather conditions may be wet and muddy, meaning your footwear should keep your feet both warm, dry, clean and provide some sort of ankle support! 

What Do You Need To Consider For Camping Footwear?

There are a few things you need to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of shoes for your camping trip. Especially if you are camping in the UK as there is no prediction to when it could rain!

We’ve pulled together our top 5 choice of footwear alongside camping tips, to help you decide which type of camping shoes are best for you.


Comfort should always come first. Uncomfortable shoes that don’t offer the right support and leave you battered, bruised and with sore feet are not what you’re going to want to wear. Trying your camping shoes on before you go is a good idea, and even wearing them around the house to wear them in can prevent getting nasty blisters on the day. Being prepared with blister plasters will be helpful, as even your favourite pair of camping shoes you’ve worn loads before can rub after a while. 


Nobody wants soggy socks and feet, especially when you don’t have the luxury of hopping into a hot bath or shower before getting into bed, or in this case… sleeping bag! Having water resistant camping shoes is therefore a good idea due to the chance of wet weather and will also mean you don’t have to pack loads of spare socks, freeing up in room in your backpack to pack more of the essentials. Here at Lunar we have a wide range of wellies perfect for keeping you dry and cosy whatever the weather.  


Opting for camping shoes that are comfortable and keep your feet dry doesn’t mean you need to compromise on what they look like! Lunar has a range of fashionable, camping appropriate footwear that will look great with every outfit.

Easy To Get On And Off 

If the weather is terrible or it’s just been a long day and you want to relax in your tent, spending ages taking off your camping shoes can be such a pain! Ensuring you can get your shoes on and off easily will help take the stress out of any situation. Having a zip or adjustable strap, which many of our shoes, can help this. 


Camping, even in summer, can get cold once the sun sets. If you’re sitting out having a bbq or making s’mores around a fire, you want your feet to be toasty warm. Having a good sole to your camping footwear helps insulate you from the ground and being made from good quality material will help your camping shoes keep you warm. 


Our Camping Footwear

Lunar offers a great range of camping shoes for women, allowing you to look stylish whilst also  being comfy! Here are some of our top picks:  

Sweden Mid-Calf Wellington

sweden mid calf wellington

Sweden Mid-Calf Wellington – £32.00

These mid-calf wellies are perfect for the wet British weather. Although a simple design, they’re easy to slip on and off when leaving or getting into the tent, ensuring your muddy camping shoes are left outside. They have an adjustable strap, rubber sole and the mid-calf length making them great for someone with a more athletic calf. 

Emzy Leopard Print Lace Boot

emzy leopard print lace boots

Emzy Leopard Print Lace Boots – £89.99

Made from leather and faux fur, these eye catching boots are a great pair of camping shoes. The chunky platform gives a little height and the rugged sole provides excellent grip so you’ll be sorted no matter the weather. 

Rubber Spot Wellington

rubber spot wellington

Rubber Spot Wellington – £35.00

Make a statement in the super fun, and super comfortable Rubber Spot Wellington! With a cushioned insole for great comfort they allow you to be fashionable without compromise and are a perfect pair of camping shoes for women. 

Azure Floral Ankle Wellington

azure floral ankle wellington

Azure Floral Wellington – £34.99

These are a season favourite here at Lunar and a great pair of camping shoes. With exclusive Lunar floral branding, you are sure to stand out from the crowd! Designed with elasticated gussets for an easy and hassle free use, they’re perfect for slipping on over a pair of cosy socks. They are also available in full length for whatever suits your needs best.  

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