How to wear leopard print?

Leopard print is the in trend this autumn. However, it can scare people off by the boldness of the print. Yet, don’t worry! We have some useful hints and tips to help you wear leopard print in style!

Firstly, we would suggest that you wear it like you would wear a bold colour, so tone it down with black. By adding leopard print to any outfit will make you stand out this autumn and keep in trend with the latest fashions.

It first came around in the 50’s, where the famous designer Bernard Arnault, creator of Christian Dior first brought the leopard print into the fashion industry and making it the must have design of 2017.

People can be put off by the boldness of the print, however, we have all the latest tricks to help you learn to love leopard print as much as we do!


Start off small

Firstly, to get yourself settled into leopard print, you need to go subtle. This will help ease you into it, yet still make you feel bold even with a small amount of print on your outfit.

We have the perfect choice for you, why not try our Lunar Tivoli Ocelot heel boot. This is the perfect amount of pattern to get you started into the world of leopard print.

Lunar shoes Tivoli

If you want flat shoes, we would recommend Our Lunar Codey Ocelot loafer. Designed to be eye-catching, yet not too bold for those who are not fully on board with the leopard print design. 

Leopard print it out

If you love the pattern as much as we do, then why not go fully out? It will get everyone looking, but only for the right reasons! We have two ankle boots great for the autumn months. Our first one is the Lunar Oscar Ocelot ankle boot. This is our low heel, buckle strap, great for the autumn months.

Lunar shoes oscar

Or why not opt for our Lunar Jill Ocelot boot, this has a glitter heel, for those who want to stand out from the crowd. The diamantes will reflect the light, becoming even more eye-catching.

Lunar shoes Jill

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